13 Things That Surprised Us About Parenting

13 Surprises of Parenthood

1. Sometimes we forget we’re parents

Then you remember it’s like you opened a huge birthday gift and you can’t wait to play with your new shiny toy (or your stinky chubby baby).

2. We suddenly became an expert to OUR baby

How did I know to rub ginger on my baby’s teething gums? Dunno… but it worked.

3. Yourself becomes your 4th or 5th priority… and we’re ok with it.

I don’t remember the last time I got my haircut or had a full 1 hour workout because that extra 30 minutes can be spent absorbing Pia’s sweet aroma and the money can go towards her valuable future.

4. We may only want one

It could be that it’s early still, but we love our family of three… four (sorry Mac). And we imagine all the things we could provide for her if she were an only child. Oh, the places she could go.

5. I want to be a working Mom

Being on Maternity Leave drove me crazy. No doubt I enjoyed EVERY minute with my Pia, but I missed having a routine, getting up and working toward bettering myself. Plus I found several studies about working mothers and the effects on their children like this one and inspiring stories help me keep going like these. However, I will say this, stay at home mom’s have the hardest job, hands down.

6. We get a natural caffeine high

I think we utilize 20 hours of our 24 hour days now. We have a debate every time the baby falls asleep, should we go to bed or should we stay up and watch a movie or finish that mountain of laundry outside the laundry room? Usually the latter wins, but somehow we are up and moving as soon as that baby cries or the alarm screams early in the AM.

7. There’s no one right way to do it, but instead so many ways to be a great parent

In the beginning it scared us that so many of our friends were doing things differently than us. We kept thinking, “Oh no…  what are we doing wrong?” Research would just show us basically anyway you feed the baby is alright… just as long as you feed the damn baby!

8. Having friends without babies make life harder

They must understand that they have more time, more sleep, more money, and more sanity than us; so NO, we cannot go out with you when you ask us at last minute on a Friday night, and no we cannot fly to Mexico with you for the weekend.

9. We work harder

Call it what you will, but I call it a superpower… I’ve never worked so hard in my life (at work, on our own business, and for our marriage and family life). See… I’m not lying!

10. I’m not as overprotective as I thought I’d be

Parents @1 Month: Please use the hand-sanitizer available in every corner of this house.

Parents @5 Months: Oh, he can lick her, she loves the dog.

11. We are bosses at routine

In our BP days (Before Pia) the extent of our routine was $6 Digorno Pizza and a red box on Friday nights. From 6AM to Midnight, our days are outlined to the T. Oh, even those midnight wake up calls are on point. If you want to stay sane, you need to plan like you’re the executive assistant to the President of the United States of America. Also, key tip: it’s less about balance and more about compromise.

12. We got the most sleep in the first three months

People were wondering how I had energy to workout and look bright eyed and bushy tailed with a fresh newborn nestling in our home. I thought we were lucky with an amazing sleepy baby… until she reached 4 months, oh Lord help us. That changed, but it’s REALLY not as bad as people say it is… they just want you to pity them. This is what helped us shut that sleepless night routine down.

13. I lost all the “weight” two weeks postpartum

Not gonna lie ladies, the best way is the Breast way. I was minimal on the workouts and maximum on the carbs and I still dropped 31 pounds in two weeks. One thing I hate is when people use the scale as their body image. I lost all the weight, but I looked WORSE. The muscle leaves the building around 6 months pregnant… gotta hit the gym if you want those “WHAT? You had a baby!?… no way!” comments. Still working on it.

Surprises about parenthood

Surprises about parenthood

Surprises about parenthood

What things surprised you? Is parenthood everything you thought it’d be?

P.S. This is how modern parents keep their kids safe and how we got her to sleep through the night at 4 months.


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